about me

Name: Kat
Age: 20
Nationality: Australian
Vidding for: About three years.
Vidding Program:
Sony Vegas 7.
Fandoms: LOST, Supernatural, CSI, The Office and 24.
Music: I'll listen to anything once. I love old stuff like the Beatles, Heart, ACDC, and all John Lennon's work. I also love modern stuff like Delta Goodrem, Hinder, Theory Of A Deadman, Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, Kate Voegele, Sarah McLachlan, Evanescence, Within Temptation & Shannon Noll.

about this site

Status: Online
Open since: August 2008

Webmistress: ME! (Kat)

Primarily, this is a site dedicated to Charlie and Claire.On Lost Video Island I'm a Council Member and I look after the clip links. I know that there are great sites for downloading Kate and Sawyer clips; but not Charlie or Claire.

So I thought bugger it, I'll make my own. That's what this is; a clip resource for the fans. Mostly vidders; I assume but if you want to have Charlie/Claire moments for yourself; then so be it. Claire is my favorite character so I will include ALL of her scenes from season three onwards; even without Charlie. To date I'm pretty sure I have every Claire scene on here whether she is seen/mentioned.

The glorious art that you see on my site comes courtesy of the equally gorgeous and very talented Emma. Thanks a bunch hun!

I hope you enjoy my site!