Here are some questions you might be wondering the answer to. Hopefully they're helpful!

Where do you get your clips?

I rip my clips off my own DVD's using DVD Shrink. Please don't ask me for tips on how to use it; there are many tutorials online including a great one on LVI.

What is LVI?

LVI is Lost Video Island; a fantastic online vidding community. I am a Council Member on the site and have a great time working there. I greatly suggest you check out the site:

Will you have season 5/6 Claire and Charlie clips?

Short answer yes. I will try and upload new clips as they are available to me. But rest assured; if Claire or Charlie is in season five and six? The clips will be here.

What about Charlie/Claire deleted scenes?

They're already up and running! :) Scroll down to the bottom of the pages for season 1, 2 and 3 and you'll find the PBJ Extras. Promos will be coming soon.

Any other questions? Email me! :)