Season 2 Charlie/Claire Clips

These are all the scenes of Charlie and Claire from season 2. I have included the scenes of them together and whenever they talk about one another as well as their flashbacks. Download and enjoy. If a link is dead; contact me and I'll reload it as soon as I can. But keep in mind it takes time. :)
All the following clips were taken from my own Lost Season 2 DVD's copyright to ABC/Touchstone TV.
Episode pictures thanks to Lost-Media.
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2.01. Man Of Science, Man Of Faith - Shannon heard whispers.

Charlie and Claire listen as Shannon talks about whispers she heard.
["What whispers?"]

2.02. Adrift - Claire finds the Virgin Mary statue.

 Claire discovers the statue in Charlie's bag.
 ["I didn't realize you were so religious."]

2.04. Everybody Hates Hugo - Claire finds the bottle of messages while Charlie babysits Aaron.

Charlie baby-sits Aaron and chats to Hurley.
["You're going to lie to the baby?"]

Claire finds the bottle of messages in the ocean.

Charlie asks Hurley if he can have some peanut butter for Claire.
["You're saying 'no' to a nursing mother?"]

Claire and Shannon give the bottle of messages to Sun.
["We thought you should decide what to do."]

Hurley relents on the food so Charlie gives Claire real peanut butter.

2.05. ...And Found - Claire and Sun spend time together.

Claire and Sun do laundry and talk about the raft.
["Sun, what's wrong?"]

2.06. Abandoned - Claire struggles with Aaron and Charlie thinks he knows best.

Claire wakes Aaron after Shannon screams and Charlie is annoyed.
["Why's he up?"]

Locke helps Claire soothe Aaron and they talk about Charlie.
["For all I know, Charlie could be some religious freak."]

Claire lets Locke hold the baby but Charlie seems annoyed.

Charlie and Locke talk about Claire and the baby.
["You and Claire are close."]

2.09.What Kate Did - Claire and Charlie witness Shannon's funeral.

Claire and Charlie at Shannon's funeral.

2.10. The 23rd Psalm - Claire discovers what's really in the Virgin Mary statue.

Claire talks to Eko and she finds out about the heroin.
["It's just a statue."]

Eko confronts Charlie about the statue.
["I found it in the jungle."]

A pissed off Claire confronts Charlie about the heroin.
["I seem to remember you saying you're a drug addict."]

An annoyed Charlie talks to Eko as they walk. Eko asks why Charlie lied.
["Well done with Claire, mate."]

23psalm-cap668.jpgA furious Claire kicks Charlie out and then he goes to his hidden stash of statues.
["Charlie, I don't want you sleeping anywhere near us."]

2.11. The Hunting Party - Charlie's jealousy towards Locke begins.

Hurley and Charlie listen to music and talk about women.
["Do you think Claire's missed me yet?"]

Charlie watches on jealously as Locke plays with Aaron.

2.12. Fire +Water - Charlie spirals out of control.

fire+water-cap032.jpgCharlie dreams of Christmas and of Aaron stuck in the piano floating in the ocean. He wakes and is annoyed to see Claire and Aaron with Locke.

Charlie attempts to patch things up with Claire but she's not ready.
["There is no before, Charlie."]

fire+water-cap049.jpgFLASHBACK - Charlie meets his niece then finds Liam drugged out on the couch of their apartment.
["You're a sodding father now."]

fire+water-cap076.jpgCharlie dreams he rescues Aaron from the ocean & his mum & Claire as angels but wakes up to be slapped by Claire for taking the baby.
["You have to save the baby, Charlie."]

fire+water-cap090.jpgCharlie goes to Locke for help with Claire. He thinks Charlie's using. In a FLASHBACK, Driveshaft attempt a diaper commercial.
["Claire needs time."]

fire+water-cap125.jpgCharlie goes to Eko for help with his dreams then tries to talk to Claire but Kate keeps him away because he's acting strange.
["Claire, we have to baptize Aaron."]

fire+water-cap167.jpgCharlie goes to his stash. In a FLASHBACK Liam's kicked out by Karen so he comes to Charlie. Back on-island, Locke finds out about Charlie's stash of statues.
["You've given up the right to be believed, Charlie."]

Claire talks to Locke about Charlie and baptism.
["There isn't any danger, Claire."]

fire+water-cap180.jpgCharlie starts a fire at the beach and in a FLASHBACK, Liam sells Charlie's piano and takes off.
["What about my family?!"]

Charlie takes Aaron, terrifying Claire, and tries to explain why.
["You're hurting me, Charlie."]

Jack talks to Charlie about what happened.
["I was desperate."]

Claire talks to Eko about baptism.
["Do you think the baby has to be baptized?"]

Montage of Eko baptizing Claire and Aaron and Charlie sitting alone.

2.13. The Long Con - Charlie gives Claire space.

Charlie sets up his new tent as Sawyer berates him.
["Ain't that just like a woman?"]

Claire tells Ana and Jack that Sun's awake.
["Sun's awake."]

2.14. One Of Them - Charlie gives Claire space. Claire is not in the episode.

Charlie and Sayid talk about Ethan, Claire and Rousseau.
["Tell me, Charlie...have you forgotten?"]

2.15. Maternity Leave - Aaron gets sick sending Claire into the jungle looking for the vaccine. She remembers what happened when she was taken by Ethan. Charlie is not in the episode.

Claire tries to calm a sick Aaron and wakes Locke to get Jack.
["He's burning up."]

maternity-leave-cap055.jpgDanielle shows up at camp and tells Claire Aaron's sick. Kate shoos her away. Jack examines Aaron and assures Claire he's fine.
["She said she knew he was sick--that he's infected."]

Claire asks Libby for her help to unblock her memories.
["I have amnesia; there's two weeks missing from my life."]

maternity-leave-cap183.jpgClaire and Libby meditate. In a FLASHBACK/MEMORY, Claire remembers Ethan giving her an exam. She then asks Kate to help her find the hatch
["Kate. Please; help me find it."]

maternity-leave-cap381.jpgBefore heading off with Kate, Claire leaves Aaron with Sun and has another FLASHBACK/MEMORY where Ethan shows her the nursery.
["What happened to Charlie?"]

Claire and Kate head into the jungle and run into Rousseau.
["She knows I remember!"]

Claire argues with Danielle about where the hatch is.
["You need to tell me where to go."]

maternity-leave-cap530.jpgFLASHBACK/MEMORY, Claire and Ethan have a chat about the baby. Then ON-ISLAND, Claire finds the hatch.
["We're good people, Claire."]

Claire searches the hatch, finds a bootie and remembers Alex.
["You're going to die; they're gonna cut him out of you."]

maternity-leave-cap696.jpgClaire finds the room but there is no vaccine. In a FLASHBACK/ MEMORY she remembers Danielle saved her.
["You were trying to save me."]

Claire tells Danielle she remembers a girl with blue eyes.
["She wasn't like the Others. She was good."]

Claire talks to Aaron.
["Now I know that we're supposed to be together."]

2.17. Lockdown - Charlie is still off with Ana and Sayid. Claire thinks Aaron is sick again.

Aaron's fussing so Claire asks Jack to check him over.
["You seem a bit distracted."]

2.19. S.O.S. - Bernard tries to convince everyone to help build the S.O.S. sign.

Bernard questions the beach folks' lack of desire to be rescued.
["Of course we want to go home."]

Montage of Charlie and Eko working and Claire playing with Aaron.

2.22. Three Minutes - Charlie and Claire begin to heal their relationship.

Charlie brings Claire vaccine.
["You seem to know a lot about it."]

At the hatch, Eko tells Charlie he can't build the church anymore.
am I supposed to do?"]

3minutes475.jpgWhile trying to build the church alone, Vincent brings Charlie a Virgin Mary statue, shows him to the stash then Charlie tosses them all.

Charlie and Claire hold hands at Ana-Lucia and Libby's funeral.

2.23/24. Live Together, Die Alone  - Charlie and Claire grow closer - finally!

Claire talks to Desmond about Aaron's father.
["He's been gone a long time."]

Bernard protects Claire and Aaron when Des blows up the hatch.

Claire is relieved to see Charlie return safely.

Charlie and Claire's first kiss.


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Charlie - 'Everything Happens For A Reason' - Claire appears in Charlie's promo; she did not get her own promo.

UK Ensemble - 'All Of Us Are Lost' Promo

Deleted Scenes

Man Of Science, Man Of Faith - "Good With Kids." - Sun and Claire talk about children. Sorry for the bad quality. If anyone has this in high quality and is willing to share it please let me know :) Everybody Hates Hugo - "A Little You Time." - Charlie offers to watch Aaron while Claire takes a walk.
What Kate Did - "Claire & Libby." - Claire and Libby have a chat.
The 23rd Psalm - "I Need To Know." - Claire asks Sayid if Charlie knew about the heroin in the Virgin Mary statue.